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Espaços e Organização

How to tidy up our children’s toys

There are few homes that have a room that is only dedicated to the games of the younger ones.  Most of the families with children live with toys scattered throughout all the rooms.  Which sometimes is a reason for stress, fights and tiffs!

The living room is one of the rooms where the family spends more time and where it becomes more complicated to keep some order.  But don’t despair if the abundance of colourful toys does not match the decoration you elected for your living room, there are solutions to be considered and many of them are in the Lourini catalogues.

A sideboard, a dresser, a bar cabinet, a TV cabinet or a shoe cabinet do not serve exclusively to store the objects they are named after and can be perfect at the time of organizing all the toys.

Use and abuse shelves, they are a key item in the decoration and organization of spaces.  They can be used in any room and allow for the toys that you like most to be “shown off”, or place cardboard boxes or wicker baskets with the toys hidden inside.  As the children grow and the toys become less, you can use the shelves to place other objects such as frames, books or flower pots.

The trunks are also perfect to “hide” the toys of the little ones.  And they can either be in the bedroom, or they can be in the living room or in the kitchen.  If they are upholstered, besides the storage, they can also be used as an extra seat!

Another solution to keep the toys tidy, or at least out of sight, are the compartments available in most of the models of Lourini sofas, both in the arms, as well as under the chaise longue.