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How to keep your room warm without spending a fortune on heating

Learn the 6 most effective ways to heat your bedroom without turning on the heater.

Although some experts on the subject claim that sleeping in a cold room can help improve sleep quality, a cold and uncomfortable space hardly facilitates a deep and restful sleep. Keeping the most intimate room of the house at a comfortable temperature is not synonymous with spending a lot of money on gas or electricity. We leave you some tips to face the winter without turning on the heater.

Use flannel or fleece bed linen

Put away the cotton or linen sheets, so comfortable in summer, and bet on heavier fabrics like flannel, polar knit or even wool. Thicker fabrics help retain the heat created by the body, ultimately keeping you warmer in bed for longer.

Use thick curtains and caulk windows

The verb caulk doesn’t just apply to the front door. Protecting the bedroom windows is halfway to maintaining a comfortable temperature in the bedroom even without using a heater. If you not only caulk the windows, but also use thermal curtains, you retain the heat, but also keep the cold air out. Specially designed to trap air between layers of fabric, creating a barrier between hot and cold temperatures, thermal curtains are a great ally when the goal is to keep a room warm in winter (or cool in summer). If you don’t want to change your curtains, you can discreetly adapt a thermal lining to the ones you already have. There are several solutions on the market which, through reflection, allow between 80% and 90% of the heat rays to be sent back inside the room in winter and outside it in summer.

Invest in a good mattress or topper to regulate body temperature

The material of your mattress plays a vital role in regulating heat while you sleep. Mattresses made of viscoelastic foam are characterised by their thermo-sensitivity, which allows them to react to body temperature by moulding to each body contour. Another foam with a high thermal conductivity capacity and total comfort is viscografeno. You can find these materials in mattresses or complement a mattress you already have with a topper with these characteristics.

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Rearrange the furniture

Evaluate the arrangement of the furniture in your bedroom. Ideally, you should move the bed away from windows and doors. This will make it less drafty and you can more easily keep the bed area warmer and cosier, especially in winter.

Add a thick carpet for extra insulation

Even a carpeted bedroom can benefit from a thick rug to help retain heat and bring a greater sense of comfort. Natural fibre rugs such as wool are naturally warmer and more insulating than most synthetic fibres. Choose a generously sized rug that not only covers the area of the bed and bedside tables but also “leaves” about 50 cm on either side of the bed.

Opt for an upholstered headboard

An upholstered bed makes the bedroom more comfortable and inviting, with an immediate cosy effect.

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